New Bedtime Story About a Rabbit Will Actually Hypnotize Your Kid to Sleep

How many parents out there feel a mounting sense of panic as the clock ticks closer to Junior's bedtime? For those struggling with getting a little one to sleep, a new book called The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep may be the missing piece needed to solve the puzzle of a peaceful bedtime.


The book was written by a Swedish author named Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin in 2011, and translated into English (and several other languages) as of last year. The story actually seems to work by a sort of simple hypnosis technique: repetitive sentences and passages, a gentle rhythm, and characters' names that connect to the idea of sleep (Uncle Yawn, for example). All these pieces work together to lull your little darling into relaxation, instead of asking for a sixth glass of water, a cookie, and a seventeenth bedtime story.

The book also teaches a sort of little-kid mindfulness to readers, reassuring them of their well-being and acknowledging their worries and fears are normal -- but reminding them that those can be shucked for the time being in favor of a good night's sleep. It might not be quite as much fun for Mom and Dad as its alternate, Go the F*** to Sleep, but I suspect it's considerably more effective in accomplishing its end goal.

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It's really amazing that it can be this easy to create a basic level of hypnosis for a child who wants to sleep, and my only beef with the book is that I didn't have a copy of it on hand a week ago when my daughter decided to practice her yodelling skills at 1 a.m. in a hotel room. And teaching kids ways to calm down, feel reassured, and put aside worries is a good skill to start teaching them now. In fact, I might need this book myself, for all the times when I wake up in the middle of the night suddenly petrified about global climate change or where I put my wedding ring before I went to bed.

If you don't want to drop the $12 for a copy of the book on Amazon, it's possible other repetitive word patterns can be equally hypnotic. I managed to put both of my toddlers to sleep on a long car drive this weekend by singing every verse of "Alouette" I could think of until they passed out (although maybe they were just faking sleep to make me stop singing). And if all else fails when it comes to boring kids to sleep, at least we'll always have C-SPAN.


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