Watch 9 Months of Baby Prep Fly By in 3 Minutes With This Adorable Time-Lapse Film (PHOTO)

time lapse nursery prepA couple has created an adorable time-lapse video of their baby preparations, scrunching nine months of crib-building and nursery decorating into three minutes.


The action unfolds with North Carolina mom-to-be Sara Jennings painting murals, followed soon by her husband John putting together the crib and moving furniture. Then they pop out -- then back in with a baby! 

Check it out below:

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This is actually the second time-lapse video the couple has created together about their baby; the first shows them painting a mural and doubled as their pregnancy announcement.

And I can see why they're fans of time-lapse: Speaking from personal experience, I have to say that waiting for a baby to arrive takes for-ever! So, I get why this couple would want to speed things up and show how in hindsight, at least, time flies. You wait, and wait, and decorate, and decorate, then boom! Baby.


Image via The Counterbalance/YouTube

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