Principal Says Girls Can't Show Their Collarbones in School Because It's Too 'Distracting'

Before your child heads off to school, you might want to double check their wardrobe before you get sent to the principal's office. Woodford County High School has enforced a strict dress code that says no to visible collarbones.


Stacie Dunn is less than pleased with Principal Rob Akers's harsh policy after her teenage daughter received a fashion violation for wearing an "inappropriate" outfit to school. Who knew that a tank top, pair of jeans, and cardigan could be so indecent. What should kids wear these days, trash bags?

"Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones!" Stacie wrote on Facebook before sharing this photo of her daughter's outfit.

So this is my daughter at school today. I had to come to the school because according to her school principal what she...

Posted by Stacie Dunn on Thursday, August 13, 2015

Apparently collarbones are so tempting to the boys they must be covered in efforts to preserve modesty. "We had a lot of sexual harassment based on what kids were wearing," Principal Akers reveals in the documentary, Shame: A Documentary on School Dress Code. "And unfortunately, it always come back to what the girls are wearing.”

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So that's the reason, sir? Too many young boys are being tempted to the point of sexual harassment -- and it's all because of what girls are wearing? What's next, all girls must give boys at this school their food if they're hungry?

As you might've guessed, parents and supporters of Woodford County High School are fuming and have zero problem expressing their anger on the school's Facebook page. "If female students need to be sent home for COLLARBONES, it seems the real issue that needs to be addressed is how the male students are behaving during school hours hours instead of interrupting the education of the females," wrote Hannah. "Don't send your daughters here wearing anything other than a nun's habit because the principal seems to think showing collarbone is too 'distracting' for his male students," adds Kate.

It would be one thing if the school had a history of everyone wearing inappropriate outfits (why not enforce school uniforms if it was that bad?), but to single out women and not men is wrong -- not to mention a poor message to teach teens. Not only does it send the wrong message about gender equality but also hints that if a woman gets sexually harassed -- or God forbid, much worse -- it's always her fault because she should've never tempted the man.

I wish a school would call me out of my job to get my child like they did Stacie. A collarbone would be the last of this principal's worries.


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