Your Teen Is Not An Orthodontist So Please Don't Let Them Make DIY Braces

Just because something can save a ton of money doesn't mean it's a good idea. Some might applaud teens making DIY braces in efforts to look cool and keep a buck, but they're only proving to be dangerous.


Parents might be shocked to hear that some of their teenagers are taking orthodontia into their own hands. That's right, just when you think the concept of a wire mouth would be uncool, here comes a trend -- do it yourself no less -- that encourages youth to make their own braces.

YouTube is full of diy tutorials from teens and even younger kids who show the world how to have perfect teeth on a budget. In most cases, teens are using tiny hair rubber bands and earring backs to create their own braces.

Just take a look.

While you might want to applaud their efforts, experts are urging young folk not to partake in this diy craze.

"It seems very attractive that you could possibly move your own teeth, but when you move a tooth, the color of the tooth might change because you are damaging the blood supply," Dr. Juan Rendon, DDS, MSD points out. "When the gums are subject to pressure, the blood supply is cut [off], which changes the shape of the gums and can cause severe inflammation and infection."

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With the average cost of braces around $5,000, it's no wonder kids want to make their own. Sure an instant fix might seem like a great concept -- especially if it only costs $5 or less -- but that doesn't mean it won't have lasting effect on your health.

I had braces, which I know made my parents curse under their breath. It unfortunately was a necessary evil that I needed (they did chuckle when I had to wear head gear, but that's a different story). No matter how much they wanted to save, I know they weren't willing to put my health at risk.

There are certain things we need to leave to experts, as we don't have the degree or training to back it up. Not everything online is worth trying.

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