This Dad Gagging Through a Diaper Change Has Got to Get a Grip (VIDEO)

man with diaperMen may be changing more diapers than ever, but they don't always do so happily. As proof, just check out this one dad who gagged through a diaper changing, videotaped his ordeal, then posted it on the Lads Only Facebook page to garner ... laughs? Sympathy? We're not sure what he was after, but people had plenty to say about it.


Check out this dad on diaper duty below. At first glance, he sure looks like a tough guy, but clearly the sight and small of his daughter's caca is just too much for him.

Fatherhood at its best!

Posted by Lads Only on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And the response to this video have been, er, colorful.

"Get over it man," said one commentator. "It's only a shitty nappy! Wait till he gets it all over his fingers!!! Probably keel over!!!"

"Man up lad," agreed another. "You helped to make it! Karma!"

And women seemed particularly turned off.

"Omg how pathetic," said one woman, who questioned why the guy videotaped his ordeal and posted it online: "do u want mate a f*cking medal?"

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But others showed more sympathy for his plight.

"It don't matter if it's his daughters sh*te, it's still smelly sh*te," said another. "Not pleasant for anyone or anything. I'd be exactly the same. I've never once changed any of my siblings' nappies and I still have two young siblings still in nappies and [won't] change 'em for this exact reason!"

All I can say is, this guy has, oh, around 5,000 more diaper changes to go before he's done. So, he'd better get used to it, and quick, or else he's in trouble.


Image via TijanaM/shutterstock

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