Having Babies Makes People Really, Really Sad (Here's Proof)

If you think your new bundle of joy is going to give you oodles of happiness, think again. A new study reveals the effects of having a baby can be worse than the death of a partner and unemployment.


Say what now?

Published in the journal Demography, researchers discovered most couples were delighted to have a baby, but experienced a significant loss of happiness once the child arrived. On average, only 30 percent of those surveyed said they were just as happy (if not more) once they had their baby. Everyone else on the other hand had a major drop in their "happiness unit." It is worth a mention that the study only followed these families for the child's first two years of life.

As you might expect, these findings also revealed a couple's willingness to have another child. Those with lower scores obviously said "thanks, but no thanks" to the idea of adding to their family.

I don't really know who thought this was a good idea to fund, but news flash, parenting ain't easy. Yes, many of us mamas jump for joy once the in-home pregnancy test turns positive, but who says we're always happy when it comes to being a parent? Between the nonstop tears for no reason, throwing up, and that wonderfully painful experience called delivery, I'm not sure what these researchers thought they were going to get. And that doesn't even include the around-the-clock feedings you'll have -- along with thoughts you failed your child because you couldn't instantly grasp the art of breastfeeding.

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Maybe they misheard these parents who said being a new mom or dad was worse than unemployment. Kids these days will zap the lint out of your pocket, let alone leave you with a coin for yourself. Perhaps it feels like you don't have a job because of the constant demand for baby items.

As a mommy of two kids under 2, yes there are times when I feel unhappy. It's called life and lack of sleep. However, that does not mean I think being a new parent is worse than the death of my husband. My goodness that seems way too extreme.


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