School's Sexist New Dress Code Includes Something Women Hate Wearing

girl school uniformA school dress code mandating that girls must wear nylons or tights under their skirts is taking a lot of heat -- and not just from female students, but the parents, too.


Before this year, girls at St. Thomas More School in Champaign, Illinois, could wear socks with their skirts -- a far more comfortable option.

Now, though, they've got to wear nylons or tights -- which, in my mind, are akin to torture on a hot, muggy day.

In fact, one mom named Laura Schmitt was so outraged she started a petition to protest the new policy, which had nearly 400 signatures when it went to Ryan Bustle, the principal at the school.

But so far, the school isn't budging.

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"We understand this is a hot topic and we anticipated it not being the most popular decision, but we felt it was best for the St. Thomas More community," said Bustle. "Modesty is part of our image and part of how we want to represent ourselves to the community. We want to uphold those values."

My question is this: Since when are bare ankles racy? The 1800s? I say that as long as those skirts are a decent length, you're covered.

Plus, "modesty" aside, there's the whole issue of cost. Nylons and tights would rip every freaking day. So adding that to school budgeting is no small matter!

Those poor girls. Those poor parents. I really hope the school comes around and realizes that they aren't doing anyone any favors -- and that protecting their "modest" image doesn't matter if your kids and community aren't happy.


Image via Ann Marie Hughes/shutterstock

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