Study Shows Elementary Kids Receive Too Much Homework

Danger, Will Robinson! The next time you feel inadequate as a parent when it comes to your child and their schoolwork, take a deep breath -- and perhaps a swig of wine (kidding ... only if you think I should be). A new study released by The American Journal of Family Therapy reveals your elementary student gets three times more homework than necessary.


That's right, folks, experts say students in kindergarten through second grade are getting too many assignments recommended for their age group.

"All children are getting homework that they don't understand," points out Stephanie Donaldson, author of The Learning Habit and contributing editor to the study. "They're getting homework that's really, really stressful. I had a parent who has a PhD in science and math, and couldn't understand the instructions for her third grader's homework."

Experts are all about the "10-minute rule" that increases according to your child's age. For example, kindergartners shouldn't have any homework (you can stop cramming for that test on primary colors), first-graders should have 10 minutes, and second-graders 20 minutes.

Hopefully this is music to your ears, as dealing with your child's homework assignments can be a real pain. Yes, it's our responsibility as a parent to help our child excel, but that doesn't mean we welcome all these projects and homework tasks with open arms -- especially when some are like a second full-time job. Aside from making you feel like a dumb-dumb, they're pretty taxing, which means they're just as stressful for your child.

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As great as it would be to get more alone time in the evenings, who really wants their kids to turn into robots where they focus so much on homework and not other areas, like family time and extracurricular activities? No one can take away how important education is, but does that mean children neglect everything else? After all, kids do need to be kids.


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