Alarming Video Shows How Booster Seats Can Kill Kids (VIDEO)

booster seat dangerWhile booster seats are designed to keep kids in back seats safe in case of a crash, a frightening new video from Britax highlights the dangers of booster seats, proving they're not as protective as parents might think. 


Currently, parents of kids aged 4 to 12 have the option of seating them on a booster "cushion" or splurging on a highback model with side supports. But Britax says parents should ditch the cushion, since it doesn't keep a kid's body contained in case of a crash.

Have any doubts? Just check out this video comparing the two models side by side. 

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Pretty frightening, huh? I own a booster seat, but have always thought that they didn't look all that impressive. A couple phone books under your kid's butt could serve the same purpose!

So now that the word is out about these dangers, maybe it's time to upgrade to the highback model. Fine, it's more cumbersome and expensive, but when it comes to kids' safety in the event of a car crash it's no time to cut corners!


Image via Britax

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