Parents Allow Prankster to 'Kidnap' Their Teen Girls -- With Disturbing Results (VIDEO)

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A YouTube prankster has driven home just how clueless girls are to the dangers of social media by striking up online conversations with three girls who had no idea who he was ... then suggesting that they meet face-to-face.


After getting permission from the girls' parents to conduct this social experiment, Coby Persin posed as a 15-year-old boy online, then started chatting each girl up. Within three days, all three girls agreed to meet him -- one at a park, one in her home, one even agreed to hop in Coby's van!

In each case, the parents -- who were convinced their girls were too smart to meet strangers this way -- lurked nearby to pounce and shake some sense into them. One pair of parents waiting in the back of the van even wore masks and pretended to "kidnap" their daughter before revealing it was a prank.

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Talk about frightening! Is it worth scaring the living daylights out of your daughter to drive home the dangers of social media? Granted, I'm pretty sure these girls will never repeat this mistake again -- and some may feel that those ends justify the means.

Still, though, I'm not so sure. I, for one, don't think I could bring myself to frighten my own child to that extent. Whatever happened to sitting kids down and explaining dangers the old-fashioned way? 


Image via Coby Persin/YouTube

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