Man's Rescue of 11-Month- Old Niece From Mangled Car Is Nerve-Wracking to Watch (VIDEO)

Tyler Blake Kimbrall is being praised as a hero and awesome uncle who had no problem springing to action. After he found his sister's car 100 feet down a cliff, Tyler desperately tried to save his baby niece in a dramatic video caught on cellphone video.


"You let me work for my niece!" Tyler yells to his sister Destiny as he frantically works to free her 11-month-old daughter Breleigh from the car.

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No one was prepared for this freak accident (how could you be?) that happened on a winding road one Alabama evening. Tyler was driving behind his sister Destiny Kay Hollis when he noticed her make a wrong turn. Hoping to get her attention before it was too late, he never expected to find his sister's car facedown in an embankment 100 feet from the road. Luckily Destiny was alright, but she feared her daughter died in the crash.

Remaining optimistic, Tyler made his way to the vehicle where he spent several minutes trying to free his niece. Using the light from his phone's video recorder to see, the 24-year-old was finally able to rescue Breleigh.

Thankfully no one was harmed in the crash that makes this story even more unbelievable.

It's crazy to even think of something like this happening. I can only hope if faced in a similar situation that I act as swiftly as Tyler. Who knows how he was able to safely free baby Breleigh from such a mangled car, but he did.

You hear stories of people doing crazy things -- like lifting a car off a person -- in efforts to save a life. Sometimes all it takes to find the strength within is to merely be in the moment.


Image via ABC News

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