Babies Born by C-Section May Have Concentration Problems Later On

c section surgeryWhen it comes to child delivery, there's always been talk about the best course of action. Should you go the med-free route? Can a glass of wine be used as a painkiller? A new study is taking a hard look at babies born through a Cesarean section and their ability to concentrate. The results are pretty interesting to say the least.


Published in the journal Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics is research that reveals how a child's birth experience can impact their attention. "Our research has revealed that being born by a C-section slows a baby’s spatial attention, which plays a role in its ability to focus on a particular area or object of interest," notes Scott Adler, a psychology professor.

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Scott Adler and Audrey Wong-Kee-You of York University in Canada have been working to demystify the birthing experience from the infant's perspective, as little is known in this arena. After all, you can't exactly ask your newborn how they feel out the womb. Working with different groups of infants, their experiments included monitoring eye movements and reflexive attention among other tests.

Based on their findings, they were able to conclude that babies born via C-section had differences in brain development that impacted their ability to focus due to their method of delivery. "The results suggests that birth experience influences the initial state of brain functioning and should, consequently, be considered in our understanding of brain development," adds Adler.

So what does this mean? Is every child born through C-section doomed? Should parents who had Cesareans not even bother trying to push higher education?

Most certainly not.

For starters, the study notes variables that can potentially impact its findings. Researchers also aren't too sure how these noticeable differences will play out as the child gets older. So please, take a deep breath and try not to hyperventilate if you had a C-section.

With C-sections on the rise, it's important to know any factors that come with that method of birth. This of course doesn't mean you'll have a complication-free experience taking the natural route. Unfortunately, pregnancy and giving birth can result in tragedy -- regardless of how old you are and what you did in the delivery room.


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