10 Best & 10 Worst States for Poor Kids to Live In: Is Yours on the List?

Judy Dutton | Sep 8, 2015 Parenting News

helping kidAll kids deserve the chance to grow up happy, healthy, educated, and gainfully employed so they don't just languish in your basement -- it's the quintessential American dream! Yet a new study by WalletHub offers a sobering reality check: Certain states do a better job at helping underprivileged kids than others.

By comparing the welfare of kids using 15 key child welfare metrics -- culling statistics on poverty levels, infant mortality, child abuse, and otherwise -- researchers came up with a list of the 10 best states for struggling families ... as well as the 10 worst. Read on to see if your state made the cut or failed abysmally at watching those little ones!


Image via Nadezhda1906/shutterstock