Mom Gets a Flu Shot By Mistake & Ends Up Pregnant

flu shotA Seattle woman is suing a clinic for giving her a flu shot rather than her birth control injection of Depo-Provera ... which resulted in a "surprise" baby she hadn't planned on having.


This fiasco all started in 2011, when Yesenia Pacheco, a mother of two at the time, went to NeighborCare Health to receive her second shot of Depo-Provera, but was mistakenly given a flu shot.

A few months later, the clinic informed Pacheco that she was pregnant.

"I asked what happened [and was told], 'You are two months pregnant, you don't have to have it, you won't have to pay anything,'" Pacheco told the press.

Well, Pacheco didn't believe in abortion, so she had the child -- who suffers from seizures that require daily medication to manage.

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While Pacheco loves her daughter, the fact remains that she hadn't planned on having a third child ... all because NeighborCare couldn't keep their injections straight.

So, I get why Pacheco is suing. If a mistake like this happened to me and landed me with a "surprise" baby, I'd sue too! They just completely threw a wrench in her life, particularly since the child has medical issues.

Bottom line is, when medical mistakes happen -- say, a doctor accidentally leaves a sponge in someone's body after surgery -- patients deserve some kind of compensation for that mistake. And even if a "surprise" child is the light of your life, the fact remains that kids are a huge expense -- in terms of food, housing, schooling, you name it.

Bottom line? Birth control is one of those things you really, really, don't want to mess up.


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