Family Forgets Toddler at Rest Stop -- Until They Hear the News Report 90 Miles Later

The thought of putting your child in harm's way is something every parent wants to avoid. A French family got the scare of their life when they left their 3-year-old daughter at a rest stop for more than two hours without realizing she was missing.


Before your heart skips a beat, I'll give you a spoiler alert: The little girl is OK.

The unidentified family was on their way to a town in southern France before stopping at a rest station. With two other children along for the journey (their ages are unknown), everyone hopped back in the car to continue on their merry way. There's just one problem: No one seemed to remember the toddler!

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"Another family was at the rest stop and noticed the girl was alone for a while," official Clara Thomas told French TV. "They took care of her and called police to let them know."

Driving for 90 miles, the parents never realized their daughter was gone until they heard an announcement on the radio from police. Quickly putting the pieces together, they contacted authorities and were reunited with their 3-year-old at a police station.


Let me do my best to gather my thoughts as I don't want to say the wrong thing. As much as I would love to play "perfect mommy," I know there are times when I want to bury my head in the sand. Is it unheard of for a parent to separate from his or her child? No, not really. There are more than a few who will admit to accidentally leaving their kid in the store that wouldn't make this story all that odd if they didn't drive for 90 miles without realizing she wasn't with them.

And I don't know how old the other son and daughter are but I would like to think someone would've said something after the first 30 minutes in the car -- especially when you consider a 3-year-old would have to sit in the back for the sake of safety. Seems a bit odd to me.

This should be a huge wake-up call to all of us considering how busy our lives can get. Just a few moments of pause can be a life saver. I don't even want to think what could've happened at a rest stop of all places.


Image via ThomBal/shutterstock 

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