Horrified Parents Watch From Monitor as 'Ghost' Hovers Over Their Baby (VIDEO)

ghost baby monitorNew parents Jonathan Murphy and Victoria Snowdon noticed something very creepy when looking at their 8-week-old baby's monitor. An apparition appeared -- it seemed as though a ghost was beside their baby's crib watching over little Rosie as her parents were in the other room. When Dad goes in to see what's happening with his own eyes, the ghost seems to get spooked.


Check out the video below:

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Did you see that? On the left side of the screen, the ghost appears to hover there. Then as Dad enters the room, the spirit seems to be in his hands, and it is as if his hands were held there for a moment. Maybe I've watched one too many horror movies, but was this a ghost trying to seep into the skin of the father? I have chills!

I'm calming down. Deep breaths. I'm not sure what I would do if I saw this on my baby's monitor. Move the baby out of that room? Stay next to her the whole night to see if there are any other visitors? Completely freak out and hire a ghost professional? Sage? Yes, most definitely sage. At least to start.

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The parents were horrified -- they said there was no light coming into the room that could have caused this. They saw the ghost on the monitor and decided to film it as Dad went into the room to check on Rosie. And there it was. Still there. Seemingly spooked by his presence. Super creepy. Welcome to your new sleepless nights, parents. It's not because baby won't sleep through the night, it's because there are ghosts surrounding her crib and you are terrified.


Image via Vicky Snowdon

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