Teen's Clever Yearbook Photo Backdrop Beats a Field of Wildflowers Any Day (PHOTO)

photographer field wildflowers senior yearbookYou know how most high schoolers' senior pics are taken against some blah boring pastoral background? Well, one girl decided to shake things up by taking her senior photos at Taco Bell instead.


Brittany Nicole Creech of St. Louis, Missouri, decided on this strange setting since, after all, that's where she and her friends spent so much of their time! So it makes total sense. Check them out below.

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While it started out as a joke, Creech decided to follow through, then tweeted the photos. They went viral from there, and while it's uncertain whether the school will allow her to use these pics in the yearbook, Creech is gonna fight to have them included.

And I can totally see why: Senior photos are all about showing your personality, and this does the trick far better than any photo next to a field of wildflowers, don't you think? I mean, how often do seniors hang out in fields of wildflowers? Never.

If anything, I hope Creech's pics inspire other teens to think "outside of the bun" (har har) when it comes to their own senior photos.


Image via zlikovec/shutterstock

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