5-Year-Old Boy Is the Real Victim in Stolen Sperm Case

Grab your reading glasses and turn off your television. This is all the drama you need to hear about in one day. In a series of dramatic events you would probably see on a soap opera, one former couple is suing a sperm bank for allowing a woman to get pregnant without their permission.


Do your best to follow along. This story is extremely twisted.

Layne Hardin and Kathy LeBlanc were once lovers who share a son together. Years ago, Hardin made the decision to undergo a vasectomy, but promised to keep the hope of future children alive by freezing his sperm. He even made a contract that promised his "seeds" to LeBlanc, no matter what (now that's love).

Unfortunately Layne and Kathy broke up. As you might expect, they moved on, with Hardin dating a woman named Tobie Devall. Knowing Hardin had sperm stashed inside a cryobank, Tobie thought it was a good idea to impregnate herself -- without Layne or Kathy's knowledge. As you might've guessed, Tobie and Layne are no longer together.

Now the once couple are teaming up to sue Devall and the Texas sperm bank.

At first glance, you might think this was a Jerry Springer episode, but I promise you it's not. This is real life! There are so many questions swirling through my mind, I find myself completely dumbfounded. For starters, why did Layne tell new girlfriend Tobie about his gentleman supply at the cryobank? It's not exactly something you would bring up over dinner. Obviously there's a bit more to this story, as Hardin admits he and Devall made at least one trip together to the sperm bank. Why take her to such a place -- especially if you had a vasectomy? You can't exactly make another contribution, if you know what I mean.

All jokes aside, this story is really sad considering Layne has yet to see the child he shares with Tobie. Now 5 years old, this little boy is the real victim as he never asked to be in this situation. Hopefully there will be swift resolution (I doubt it when you consider the little boy is now 5), and more importantly, a way for Tobie and Layne to co-parent. I certainly won't take away this man's anger as no one should be forced into something they never signed up to do. But the fact is a child is now here and can't just magically disappear.

Too many children are brought into this world through unthinkable situations. Rather than focus your all of your attention on how much hate you have for the other parent, does it make sense to at least give a thought about the child involved?

This is a very sad situation.

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