Parents With 'Graphic' Preemie Pic Get Surprising Apology -- and $10,000

preemie graphic gofundmeCrowdfunding site GoFundMe has apologized to a family for calling a photo of their preemie too "graphic" to run on their site. And, to add some oomph to their mea culpa, they donated $10,000 to the family, too.


The backstory: Baby Jacob Hinks was born 13 weeks early weighing just over a pound. His parents took unpaid leave from work to remain by his side in NICU, so as medical bills mounted, a friend started a GoFundMe page for Jacob to help defray their costs.

Only when the donations didn't roll in, the family discovered that the site hadn't made their page public because the photo of Jacob was too "graphic" and might offend some of their viewers.

Well, THAT offended the Hinks family! And after they complained to local media, they got an apology from GoFundMe's president ... and a donation of $10,000. In one month, the family has made over $19,000 total. So ironically, all this drama and heartache earned the family a whole lot more donations than they probably would have gotten otherwise! 

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All I can say is, after insulting their baby and squashing their efforts to raise funds, GoFundMe's apology along with $10,000 is the least they could do to mend whatever hurt the family may feel.

And while it smacks a little bit of "too little, too late," if I were the family I'd still take it. Because hey, everyone sticks their foot in their mouth and blurts out something offensive at some point without really meaning to, right? And, buyout or no, ultimately all that matters is that their baby get the medical and financial help he needs.

Learn more about baby Jacob's plight below: 

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