The Busby Quintuplets Will Be Replacing the Duggars on TLC Next Spring

Are you already having Duggar withdrawals after TLC pulled the plug on the incredibly popular 19 Kids and Counting in the wake of Josh Duggar's molestation scandal? Don't despair, for there is a new family poised to take their place on TLC's lineup next spring! The Busby family, who had quintuplet baby girls this past spring, will show the world what it's like to be the very busy parents of five infants and one preschooler!


Danielle and Adam Busby, along with their six daughters, are set to star in their own reality show chronicling life with their five premature infants and preschool daughter. Of note is the fact that their quints are the first set to all survive since 1969 and the only all-girl quints ever born in America! The fact that they are even here is a miracle, and it will be exciting to watch them grow up on television.

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The couple have some help from family and friends, but the responsibility for their outsize brood rests largely on their shoulders. The babies require a total of about 40 diaper changes and 60 bottles each day, with the nighttime shift mostly left to Danielle and Adam. That sounds daunting, to say the least!

This show will be very interesting to most parents, as we all know how to navigate life with one infant (or maybe two or three), but I doubt many of us have had the experience of taking care of five babies at once. Night wakings? Multiply by five. Dirty diapers and onesies? Laundry city. Someone's crying and needing to be held? Probably every five minutes or so. Considering how much work one baby takes, it will be totally fascinating to see it done with five.

The Busby family, however, is not much like the Duggar family. They, like Jim Bob and Michelle, are very religious and from the South, but that is where the similarities seem to end. Danielle and Adam used fertility treatments to become pregnant both times and have no plans for 19 children. Danielle also worked outside of the home before having to go on bed rest for her pregnancy with the quints, unlike Michelle, who has always stayed at home. It sounds like the Busbys will maybe be a bit more relatable for the average parents, but no less interesting to watch! We look forward to seeing their show and learning all about what life is like for the parents of five baby girls!


 Image via © Lawrence Manning/Corbis

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