Target Makes Bold Decision to Remove Gender Labels & Parents Are Applauding

Things are going to look a little different at the beloved bullseye destination. The retailing giant has agreed to make significant changes throughout various departments in efforts to make Target a more gender-free environment.


"We heard you, and we agree," a statement from Target reads. "We thank guests all the time for challenging us to get better at what we do and take the shopping trip to new levels."

After receiving much criticism, Target plans to revamp their toys, home, and entertainment departments to make shopping more gender neutral. Examples of their efforts include making a general kids' bedding area and removing gender bias colors (think pink and blue) from toy shelves.

In case you have no idea what's going on, Target found itself in hot water after an Ohio mom tweeted an image of gender-bias signage. "Don't do this Target," Abi Bechtel captioned as she took a photo of a sign that mentioned building sets and "girls' building sets."

When you stop and think about it, why does there need to be a sign that directs girls to their own building sets? Can we not all play with the same blocks, or is there a secret handshake only the old boys know? These questions became common points of discussion as people began scratching their heads as to why Target would OK certain signs. This of course led to some backlash that ended in a decision some didn't expect the retailer to make.

If you take a look at the comments at the bottom of the corporate statement, it's pretty safe to assume not everyone is happy with Target's renovation project. "I think this is a bit over the top to conform to such silliness," writes Donna. "Sounds like you'll make it more difficult to find products, and it's difficult enough already," adds Susan.

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I myself am not up in arms about the matter -- so long as I can find what I need without making my trip longer than it needs to be. Don't get me wrong, I love my Target adventures and that catchy Cartwheel savings app, but as a mommy of two boys under 2, we have to keep the show on the road.

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