Couple With Viral Pregnancy Video Makes Heartbreaking New Announcement (VIDEO)

sam and nia miscarriageRemember Sam and Nia Rader, those vloggers with the viral pregnancy announcement where he told her she was pregnant? Well, they have new news, and it's absolutely heartbreaking: The poor mom suffered a miscarriage.


The Texas couple typically vlogs daily about their life, but after their pregnancy announcement was viewed over 10 million times, there was radio silence for a couple days ... and now they've explained why.

This is so, so sad. I mean, it's bad enough to suffer a miscarriage, but to have it happen after you've announced "I'm pregnant" to friends and family and 10 million people?

This also brings up an important question for all moms: How far along should your pregnancy be before you announce it to the world?

Most couples fall into one of two camps: Many start speed-dialing their friends and family as soon as possible, since it's just too hard to keep such big news to themselves. But many others hold off for at least three months to make sure everything is "okay" for the very reason that most miscarriages occur in the first 12 weeks.

While I think all couples should tell whenever feels right to them, I personally tried a combo approach: Pretty much as soon as I saw that my pregnancy test was positive, I called my family, followed by a few close friends. But that's where I stopped. From there, I waited the requisite three months before informing acquaintances and coworkers.

That way, if I miscarried, I could call people I was close to for support without having to say, "I was pregnant but miscarried" all in one breath -- that would have been awkward in its own right. Yet by not telling acquaintances until the three-month mark, I was curbing the risk of having to retract this great news to someone I didn't know all that well (also awkward).

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If there's any bright side for Sam and Nia, it's that they are no doubt being showered with support -- and perhaps helping others who've miscarried but been afraid to speak up.

This couple's announcement comes just days after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced their struggles with miscarriage. Clearly, many couples who've been through this don't want to cope on their own, and find solace in talking about it with others.

I hope Sam and Nia find some comfort in knowing they are hardly alone.


Image via Kelly She/YouTube

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