Baby Looks Like Demon In Ultrasound -- Will Most Likely Be Coolest Kid Ever Born (PHOTO)

ultrasound pregnantWhen you see your baby for the first time after getting an ultrasound, it's an incredible feeling. That sonogram ends up on Facebook, the refrigerator, in the photo album. So much pride! You look at your little one and imagine what she will look like out of the womb. Maybe baby has your nose, your partner's lips, Grandma Alice's chin, or the face of a demon like this special chosen one as seen in a 4D scan.


See the pictures below:

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Reddit user _It'sAllRelative posted this photo with the caption: "Wife and I went to get a '4D' ultrasound of our unborn child. Saw this picture. Changed our minds."

This person sure has has an incredible sense of humor. Though the original poster doesn't seem to be the proud parent of the child in the ultrasound.

What we know is this. Baby is a girl. She's 33 weeks in this wickedly adorable photo. She is most definitely possessed by the happy bug, perhaps brought on by mom eating a whole lot of delicious foods. Maybe she had some hot sauce on a taco and baby is letting out a few toots. That certainly brings out a demonic-looking smile from many a person. Maybe she's just so smart she knew her photo was being taken so she really mugged it up for the camera. Cheese! Mom and dad! I'm also voguing because I am that cool.

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I was excited when my baby seemed to give a high-five to the camera in my sonogram. But this kid -- this kid took life in the womb to a whole other level of amazing. 

I hope this family keeps inquiring minds informed of her birth. I need to see photos, and to see if she ends up aspiring to be the next Wednesday Addams.


Image via moke076/Flickr

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