Dad Gets 'One Direction' Tattoo to Try to Win His Daughters Concert Tickets (PHOTO)

One Direction
You SAY you’d do anything for your kids, but would you, really? REALLY? Like, for example … would you, oh, get a One Direction tattoo to try to win concert tickets for your daughters? Because this one dad, Roger Fraser of Tennessee, did just that. Who’s Parent of the Year NOW? Uh, except there was just one little problem …


Dad of the Year lived in the wrong state to even enter the contest! D'oh!

The 37-year-old father says he came up with the idea when he heard that Indiana radio station 99.5 WZPL would be giving away free front-row tickets to the July 31One Direction show in in Indianapolis. The station wanted dads to prove they were the biggest One Direction Dad fans. Fraser’s original idea was to send in a photo of himself surrounded by all this daughters' One Direction paraphernalia (you know, your 1D pillows, 1D posters, 1D blankets, and your cardboard cutout of Harry Styles …), but chucked that notion when he heard another dad did the same thing.

The obvious next step?

Tattoo parlor!

Accompanied by one of his girls, 14-year-old Makayla, Fraser took himself to a local tattoo parlor and got "I love 1D" with a big red heart inked onto the top of his arm. Makayla, having the inherent social media savvy of all teenagers, shared his adventures on Twitter, tagging the radio station and the band.

It was only once the, er, ink had dried, that Fraser thought to wonder if you had to be a resident in the same state as the radio station … Oops!

Ha! You know what though? Even though he couldn't even legally enter the contest let alone win it, Fraser didn't let that stop him. He piled his daughters, his new tattoo, and what is obviously a great sense of humor into his car, drove 300 miles from their home in Columbia, Tennessee, to Indianapolis, and bought tickets the night of the concert.

And he's got no regrets about his permanent reminder of his daughters' teen obsession.

"I'm keeping it forever. It's a good memory for me and my daughters," Fraser told FOX 59. "I did it for them. It’s going to stay with me forever."

You know what? This dad sounds totally crazy … and I love it! Yeah, I know it's permanent. And, sure, it's extreme. But the whole adventure, and their dad's awesome sense of humor and willingness to go the distance (and not get deterred by goofing up on the entry requirement), is something those girls will remember forever. He did something nutty, and he did it all for them.

"After doing this I realized to myself that we spend a whole lot of time together [doing things I like to do]. But I got involved with something that they love," Fraser said. "And it's brought us together even closer than we ever were."

So sweet! Sounds like a bonding experience that the girls truly will always look back on with love and laughter. Long after they get rid of that Harry Styles cardboard cutout!


Image via Derek Storm/Splash News

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