Mom Reads Adopted Daughter Secret Letter at Her Wedding, Breaks Every Heart in the Room

woman writing letterYou know what's been missing from your day? A good cry. Well, stay dry-eyed no more because here is a video of a mom who, when her adopted daughter was 18-months-old, wrote her a letter to be read on her wedding day. Now it's her wedding day, and we're going to need extra tissues.


Check out the video below:

What did we say? We said get tissues, and now you're wiping your face on an old Starbucks napkin.

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Everything about this video is Life multiplied by 1000. The fact that her mother thought to write this letter, did it on a piece of her own wedding dress, was able to do it in pen with impeccable penmanship, and kept it wrinkle-free for twenty-or-so years is bananas. Then there's the wedding itself: Everyone seems really nice, the brother is crying, the fiancé seems like a great guy, it's a sunny day, there are balloons, there is a freaking horse-drawn carriage ... I mean ... well done, all. You win "Wedding."

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment.


Image via Zoltan Zempleni/shutterstock 

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