School's 'Welcome Back' Sign Has Big Mistake: Can You Spot It? (PHOTO)

school sign misspellingA "welcome back" school sign with a major misspelling attracted a lot of laughs in Dallas, Georgia -- and is now infamous after one amused passerby snapped a photo that went viral.


Now, I get that everyone makes mistakes and misspells words on occasion. But this one ... well, it's bad. And it's totally not the kind of typo you want in front of a school!

According to Suzanne Wooley, the Paulding County School District director of communications, the sign was corrected within an hour of going up ... but not before the photo went up online, attracting an array of colorful remarks like "We here you loud and clear" and "Welkum back to publik skool."

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Suffice to say, this school learned a few lessons from this, Wooley continues.

"Perhaps one of the most important lessons is, there is a camera everywhere and you never know what will end up on social media," she told the press. "And this shows how important it is to proofread what you're writing."

And last but not least? "We are all human. We all make mistakes," Wooley says. "That is an important part of education."


Image via Newsradio 106.7/Facebook

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