3D Printing Makes It Possible to Hold Your Baby Before It's Even Born

In recent years, recreational 3D and 4D ultrasounds have become a rite of pregnancy passage for moms wanting the clearest glimpse at their babies before they're even born. Well, technology has now made it possible to take it a step further and actually hold a replica of your baby before it's born thanks to 3D printing. 


A company called Baby:Boo now offers expecting moms the chance to "hold" their babies thanks to a special scan that can be used to make a 3D cast of their baby while it's still in the womb. Founded by Katie Kermode, a mother of two, the service is there for parents who want that bonding experience before they are able to hold their actual baby. 

Kermode says, "People do think it's a little odd but it's similar to creating casts of baby's feet or hands. It's actually a really lovely keepsake to cherish." She notes that she got the idea for her business after going through miscarriages before becoming a mother herself. It is understandable that she would find this a valuable service since she has experienced loss and knows how many other moms would want a chance to hold their babies that they never got to meet as well.

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That said, I have to admit, I find this a bit odd. The replicas look pretty creepy, as anyone who has seen their baby on an ultrasound might expect. Of course, I was amazed at the sight of my children at my ultrasounds and I suppose the visual did fuel my excitement at the prospect of holding them in my arms. I just can't understand not being patient enough to wait just a few more months or weeks to hold your baby in the flesh. 3D and 4D "fun" ultrasounds seem excessive to me, but to each their own. I just can't grasp why anyone would need this when the real thing is so much better and will be along shortly.

Of course, as a mother who has experienced a miscarriage, I can see a little bit where Kermode is coming from. I'm sure moms who've lost babies, especially those who experienced a loss late into their pregnancy, can appreciate this kind of service. Getting this scan done and having a "baby" to hold in a subsequent pregnancy after having lost a child might prove to be a great comfort before getting to meet them in person.

In the end, it doesn't harm anyone should a mom decide to have this done during her pregnancy. It does make me wonder where we are headed as a society that we seem to have lost the ability to just wait a little while longer for that special moment when you see your baby, but I can also see where it could be a wonderful thing for some moms who've had a pregnancy loss. If you are so inclined and live in the U.K., here is the website for Baby:Boo.


Image via Baby Boo 

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