Mom Tells Teachers to Flunk Her Lazy Kid -- But School Refuses

fail gradeWhen a mom in Fairfax County, Virginia, found out her daughter was ditching class and not doing the work, she tried to teach her child a lesson -- by asking her teachers to flunk her daughter.


Yet the school refused. The reason? It was clear from class discussions that the student did know the material. Plus, flunking her wouldn't "help her academically."

'Scuse me but ... flunking isn't supposed to help you academically. It's supposed to strike the fear of God into kids so they learn that they can't just slide through life without doing their work!

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In a world where parents typically do the opposite and beg teachers to raise kids' grades, I admire this mom's "tough love" approach. Kids need to learn that their actions have consequences, especially if they're lazy. What lesson do you teach them if you just let them cut class and shirk homework but still pass?

In fact, I'd argue that this teacher is being lazy, too, and passing the problem up the chain.

That said, I do agree with this teacher in that flunking and just repeating the same grade will not motivate this girl, since she will just be learning all the same stuff again that she's already learned. I think a different punishment is in order, like summer school on a different or more advanced topic that would challenge her and force her to wake up and realize she's gotta work to reap some rewards!


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