Baby Girl Becomes The First Child Born At The World Trade Center Since 9/11

You never know when your bundle of joy is going to come. Some have all the time in the world, while others soon realize the clock is running out. It can be very hard to calculate, and that can make any mom-to-be cross her fingers she can make it to her birthing facility. Marwa Abdrabo was not so lucky, but she can boast she gave birth to the first child born at the World Trade Center since 9/11.


What an amazing story to tell her new daughter and grandkids!

Any mom can vouch for the guessing game you play when it comes to getting to the hospital. Are my contractions really that close together? Should we head to the hospital now? Do I want to be stuck in that uncomfortable hospital bed when mine is really fluffy? You try your best to wait as patiently as possible (let's face it, that goes out the window) before pushing the "go time" button to race off to the hospital.

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Who knows what Marwa's game plan was as she and her husband did their best to reach the hospital by subway. With their 2-year-old in tow, the couple found themselves waiting for a train with the mom-to-be's labor progressing.

Enter an officer and a gentleman who proved to be a saving grace.

"It was quick," Officer Brian McGraw told CNN. "The guys looked to me to get in there and handle the situation." Responding to a call at the World Trade Center train concourse, the former EMT delivered Asenat Abdrabo.

She even received a special shout-out from New York governor Andrew Cuomo:

Can you imagine giving birth on a public transportation platform in New York City -- and in front of onlookers no less? Talk about stage fright! Thankfully this officer was once an emergency medical technician that made him more capable to deliver a child than most of us, who would probably hum "Livin' On a Prayer" in our heads as we quickly surfed YouTube for a how-to video.

Baby Asenat is now the first child born at the World Trade Center since that tragic day in 2001, which is something she'll never forget. One World Trade Center opened in November 2014 and is not only a place for business and commerce, but also remembrance of those we lost on September 11.

Congrats to the family!


Images via © Masterfile/Corbis; Port Authority of NY,NJ

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