Netflix's Groundbreaking New Parental Leave Policy Explained Through GIFs

netflixWhile most companies' parental leave policies last a few precious months, a new bar has been set: Netflix is now offering a year of paid maternity leave to its employees.


That's right! Moms are dancing in the streets, in living rooms, maybe even behind bars.

What's more, this parental leave policy applies to dads, too.

During this year of leave, the company's roughly 2,000 employees can also return to work part-time, full-time, or go back out on leave anytime. Netflix will just keep their paychecks arriving as normal. 

This is a huge breakthrough since, let's face it, most parental leave policies in this country are abysmally short and un-kid-friendly.

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But slowly, things are changing, particularly at tech companies where good help is in high demand: Facebook offers four months' parental leave, Google five.

So here's the hoping this trend continues!

Image © Paul Sakuma/AP/Corbis

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