If a Mom Can't Breastfeed at a Trampoline Park, Where Can She?

It's 2015 and moms are still being hassled for nursing in public, which is ridiculous. However, what makes it even more appalling is when a nursing mom is told to leave an establishment and it's a place geared toward children! That is what one Utah mom is dealing with after the manager of a trampoline park kicked her out for nursing her 1-year-old son.


Twenty-one-year old Sadey Holmes brought her son, Madden, to Sky Trampoline Arena for a playdate with friends when he got hungry. What happened next would be upsetting to any mom nursing in public. Check out the video of Sadey telling her story:

Holmes explains in the video that she turned away from the only people that could've seen her nursing and fed her son for only two minutes. That is when she alleges a manager came to her and said, "We don't do that here. Get out!" Holmes explained she had a right to nurse her child wherever she was legally allowed to be and decided to call the police, as she felt this was harassment and discrimination. The trampoline park later issued a statement apologizing and explaining a policy against food and drink, which Holmes claims never came up when the manager told her to leave, and that if it had, she would have apologized.

As the mother of a child who refused a bottle the entire time he nursed, I find this extremely upsetting to imagine. I fed my son in public on a near-daily basis while he was nursing as I also had a toddler daughter who I took on regular playdates, as well as my errands to the store or the doctor's office. Since my son wouldn't take a bottle, I had no choice but to nurse him when he needed to eat, regardless of where we were. I was never asked to leave from any establishment for nursing but if it had happened, I can't imagine how embarrassed I would have felt. It may have stopped me from wanting to leave my house, as I had no alternative for feeding him before he was eating solid foods. It is a terrible thing for anyone to shame or alienate nursing moms who are only doing what they have to do for their child's well-being. A mother should feel free to breastfeed wherever she is, when her baby needs to eat.

There is a nurse-in scheduled at the trampoline park this Friday where moms will breastfeed their babies outside of the business to raise awareness and show support for Holmes. Hopefully, someday, all businesses will understand the legal rights of a nursing mother to feed her child in public and these stories will stop popping up in the news.

Image via Sadey Holmes/Fox 13

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