Girl With Terminal Cancer Celebrates Birthday, Prom & Wedding Proposal All At Once (VIDEO)

cancer girl birthday partyA girl with terminal cancer celebrated her fifth birthday party in an unforgettable fashion, complete with horse and carriage, princess guests, prom dance, and marriage proposal from her dad.


Lila May Schow, who lives in Hood River, Oregon, has been battling neuroblastoma for the past three years. After doctors told the parents she might not make it to Thanksgiving, Lila's mom, Heidi Hall, decided to throw her daughter an extravagant birthday bash. Once she posted her daughter's story online, the entire community volunteered to help.

The party was held at the Butler Bank Building, where hundreds of guests gathered dressed in prom attire. Lila arrived by royal carriage in a Cinderella dress and tiara. Then amid the dancing, her dad proposed to her on one knee so that Lila would know what it's like to be swept off her feet. Isn't that sweet?

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"We don't know how much time we have left," explained her father Ryan Schow. "And we have put up one hell of a fight. We just want to give her everything she deserves."

Teary-eyed yet?

So, I just threw my daughter's fifth birthday party and I griped up a storm about putting together gift bags and cleaning up our home afterward. I swore I'd never throw her a birthday party ever again!

Well, this story just makes me feel like a total fool. Even if our kids don't have terminal cancer, anything could happen to any of us at any minute. So we really should celebrate every moment we have with our kids, especially their birthdays -- gift bags, cleanup, headaches, and all. Instead, I should focus on the fact that my daughter had a blast.


Image via Oregon Live

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