A Simple Act of Kindness Toward a Pregnant Woman Makes This Officer Awesome (PHOTO)

It's pretty hard not to feel bombarded these days with news of a police shooting that makes you question just what the heck is going on. This is one of the reasons why it's so important to add positive things to your life -- and boy is this story chicken soup for the soul. Officer Jim Allen had no clue his simple act of kindness toward a pregnant woman with expired licence plates would make him an officer and a gentleman.


"Today you don't hear about the officers who actually do good, but I wanted to be one of the people to give credit when it's due," tells Amby M. Johnson.

Just a couple weeks from her due date, the mom-to-be was pulled over for driving with expired license plates. Amby explained to the military police officer she had new ones, but never found the right time to put them on considering her husband works long days in the navy. Her ever-growing baby bump also made tasks like bending down a wee bit difficult. I'm sure any mommy can vouch for those days when squatting to pee deserved a standing ovation, let alone trying to do anything else in a crouched position.

Amby probably thought her day was going to take a turn for the worse when Officer Jim Allen arrived on the scene. As if being pulled over wasn't embarrassing enough, here comes another cop to make her look like a suspect in a crime. Fortunately for Johnson, officer Allen had no problem installing the new plates.

UPDATE >> We talked to Officer Jim Allen about the traffic stop. He had an important message to share >>...

Posted by KIRO 7 Eyewitness News on Friday, July 31, 2015

An act of kindness like this might not be breaking news to many, but it should challenge us all to see how we can help make someone's life a little easier. Sure Allen is a cop, but he wasn't obligated to change her plates. "If it was my mother or sister, I would hope somebody would try to make it a fruitful, productive contact instead of something negative that would leave them with a bad feeling," said Allen.

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Cops helping others is nothing new or out of the ordinary. Just as we must shine a light on those who abuse their power, we should also take time to applaud officers like Allen who do something positive for the people in their community.

What are some ways you pay it forward to others?

Image: KIRO 7 News

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