Store Employee Berates Mom For Breastfeeding In The Checkout Aisle

Candyce Sousa was shocked when she was verbally harassed by a Walmart employee for breastfeeding her baby. As breastfeeding is nothing more than a mom feeding her kid, it's completely annoying that this continues to happen.


Sousa was waiting in line with her 11-month-old boy when he became restless. She was using a baby carrier and had plenty of experience breastfeeding while wearing him, so she nursed him while they waited to be helped. She was startled, however, when a nearby employee started making loud, aggressive comments toward the mom, saying that her baby was too old to breastfeed in public -- because don't you know that he could wait?

And it didn't end there. The woman continued on with her bizarre diatribe, saying how she breastfed her own kids but never felt the need to display "that." What's "that," you ask? The simple act of nursing a baby.

Sousa complained to the store's manager, who was surprised that an employee there had raised such a ridiculous stink over breastfeeding because women nurse in the store all the time and it's really not a big deal.

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Walmart provided CBC News with the following statement:

"Walmart Canada's policy on breastfeeding supports a mother's right to breastfeed (including nursing directly, or pumping/expressing milk) in a public area including the public areas of our stores, or to be provided assistance in finding a private area if she prefers.

"Our policy also clearly states that under no circumstance should an associate prevent or discourage a customer from breastfeeding in a public area of the store. The situation you describe is unacceptable and we will certainly look into this."

Walmart Canada is certainly on the right track. The only proper policy a business should have in place for breastfeeding moms is that if an employee notices someone nursing their kid, just leave them alone. There is no need to berate her, publicly humiliate her, or be a dick in any way, shape, or form.

Breastfeeding a child is feeding a child. End of story. Breastfeeding isn't vulgar, inappropriate, or sexual, and it's definitely not akin to pooping in public. If an older child sees a woman breastfeeding, she's going to think that it's just a normal way to feed a kid (unless, of course, her parents react like it's something perverted or dirty).

Thankfully Walmart will look into this ridiculous incident and will hopefully urge all stores to retrain their employees on the proper way to approach a breastfeeding woman. This means they should just leave her alone, end of story -- and we can hope that these experiences will eventually stop happening.


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