Toddler Obsessed With Personal Injury Lawyer Gets Birthday Party of His Dreams: Here's Some Ideas for Next Year (VIDEOS)

morris bartForget Elmo or Thomas the Tank Engine: The favorite small-screen character for 2-year-old Grayson Dobra is local personal injury lawyer Morris Bart, and his obsession runs so deep that his mom just threw him a personal injury lawyer–themed birthday bash!


According to his mom, L’erin Dobra, little Grayson used to like watching Mickey Mouse videos, just like the average toddler -- until he caught a glimpse of Morris Bart's glorious, litigious face onscreen. Then it was all Bart, all the time (talk about effective advertising!). An odd obsession for a little kid, to be sure, but the guy is pretty dang charismatic. Check it out:


"One call -- that's all!" (Anybody else having Better Call Saul flashbacks?? Anyway.) Since parents usually base their kids' birthday party themes on their interest du jour, it makes perfect sense to me that Grayson's mom would go all out with the Morris Bart thing, and she did: a cake printed with the Louisiana lawyer's image, a cardboard cutout of Bart, a Morris Bart T-shirt. When contacted about the party, a flattered Bart even came through with key chains and an autographed picture.

"He might be a future lawyer," Bart said. "That could be a future competitor of mine many years down the road."

True dat, Morris Bart. I just love how this mom is honoring her son's quirky taste, and I hope more parents are inspired to do the same. In fact, we even have some suggestions for similar commercial-themed kids' birthday parties (or for Grayson's bday next year!):

1. For the furniture-obsessed tyke:

"It's just like ... a mini-mall!" Honestly, I want that guy at MY next birthday party.

2. For kids who need to think about their future:

She went on the Inter-NET! That lady is gonna make SO MUCH MORE MONEY now.

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3. For little ones who love to shop:

I would so buy everything I need at that mall. And get a haircut.

4. For kids with bad credit:

"LET HER HAVE IT!" (Hmm, I think I need to see the special man.)

5. For the BBQ-loving toddler (with sore feet):

No words. Just AWESOME.

In related news, I think I've definitely decided on a "good ass" BBQ/foot massage themed party for my next birthday. Maybe I'll invite Grayson!


Image via Morris Bart/YouTube

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