Restaurant Bans Kids & I Love It Because … Date Night!

restaurant bans kidsA restaurant that has banned kids under the age of 7 has sparked an intense debate: Do parents have a right to bring their kids out to dinner, or do other patrons deserve to eat their meal in peace?


Liam Flynn, owner of Flynn’s restaurant in Australia, decided to establish his "no kids" policy after he asked a customer to take her crying toddler outside until he calmed down ... and she told him to "f**k off."

Later that evening, he announced his kid ban on his Facebook page, where it was met with a firestorm of parents blasting him for "discrimination." Yet plenty of people were like "yaaaay!" In fact, the restaurant just boasted its best night of business in 14 years.

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My take as a mom of a 5-year-old? I totally understand why a restaurant would want to ban kids. I'm not talking about McDonald's or family-friendly joints, but more "adult" upscale kinda places where my husband and I might go on a date, and might want to have a quality conversation without a toddler screeching in the background!

And think about it from a restaurant owner's point of view: The mess toddlers make requires a cleanup crew to fix. Then they just can't sit still, can they? And if they have a meltdown? It's enough to make anyone lose their appetite.

Nonetheless, I've taken my kid to restaurants and sat there sheepishly, cringing and uncomfortable, while the waiters and patrons shot me dirty looks. That's why I'd totally prefer that if a restaurant doesn't want kids, they should just SAY SO upfront. Tell Me! I'd much rather know, so I can avoid these places and patronize the ones that welcome kids.

Likewise, I think if a restaurant is fine with kids, they should say that too! I'm sure there's plenty of room for both. That way we can all go to our separate corners and not bother each other, and everyone -- both parents and child-free patrons -- can eat their meals in peace.


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