1,700 High School Boys Perform Powerful 'Haka' Dance at Beloved Teacher's Funeral (VIDEO)

hakaA New Zealand teacher's death inspired 1700 students to dance the Haka at his funeral -- and their performance of this traditional Maori war dance was so inspiring it's gone viral.


Dawson Tahana Tamatea, a teacher at Palmerston North Boy's High School in the North Island, passed away in his sleep at 55. As his hearse arrived on school grounds, the students honor him with a powerful performance of chanting, chest-beating, and foot stomping.

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Funerals can be such sad, solemn events, but this dance proves they don't have to be a downer. Those kids really poured themselves into it, too!

So whoever thinks kids today are apathetic and just wanna play video games will think twice after they see this video. As one commentator put it, "Nice to see they're still raising men somewhere."

And the lyrics for their chant are just as uplifting. You can read the full translation but here's a taste: "Our aims are to seek knowledge / And reach our goals and aspirations / Seek the horizon of aspirations / And draw near to it."

Just goes to show how a good teacher can really bring out the best in kids.


Image via PNBHS/YouTube


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