Thinking of Naming Your Baby Girl 'Elsa'? This Young Woman Has Something to Tell Her

Name trends come and go, but a princess is forever! At least that must be how some parents think as the name "Elsa" is more popular now than it's ever been in the last 114 years. A 21-year old woman named Ariel is speaking out on behalf of all the baby princesses out there who've acquired the name "Elsa" as a result of the extreme popularity of Disney's 2013 movie Frozen. She gives them some sage advice on going through life saddled with a "princess" name.


After living 21 years with a Disney princess name, Ariel Malloy knows a thing or two about being named after Disney-movie royalty. Now that Elsa has become a virtual baby-name juggernaut propelled by the extreme popularity of Frozen, there are bound to be thousands of little Elsas coming of age in the next several years who may be subjected to teasing and jokes about the Disney-princess name they possess. On that subject, Malloy -- a recent graduate from Northwestern University -- had the following to say: "Don't let it get you down. Claim your Elsa! At the same time, you've just got to let it go. Elsa is also a really good princess to be compared to. There are worse options."

First of all, we completely agree! Of all the princesses, Elsa has a great story and a strong personality. She doesn't need a prince to rescue her and she teaches girls an important lesson about being yourself against all odds. Elsa is a lovely name and when people hear it, thinking of the character from Frozen is not the worst thing that could happen!

Also, it is important to note that several years from now, the name Elsa won't be as closely associated with Frozen as it is currently. New Disney movies will be released and the world will move on from its Elsa craze in favor of something new. Elsa is not so unusual a name that the Disney movie will be the first thing people think of, and all little girls with this sweet moniker will probably be just fine as they come of age!

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There will always be "trendy" names for one reason or another, and parents are free to select whichever name they love for their little one. As Ariel says, they could do far worse than a sweet name like Elsa. We are positive all the little ice Princess Elsas of the world will be just fine as they grow older and learn to embrace the fun pop-culture history behind their beautiful name!


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