Mom Slams Fat Shamers for Judging Her 'Chunky' 8-Month-Old

fat babyIt's bad enough that people fat-shame women, worse even teens ... but fat-shame a baby? Believe it or not, this practice is prevalent according to one mom with a "chunky" 8-month-old.


According to Refinery writer Caroline Stanley, strangers began fat-shaming her baby at the age of 6 months. While some of the comments could have been meant as a compliment or an innocent exclamation ("What a chunky monkey!"), others clearly had value judgments attached to them.

For instance: "Don't worry. That weight will all fall off of her once she's able to walk."

Well, this mom thinks that this isn't right -- and I agree 100 percent.

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While fat-shaming anyone -- male or female, mom or teen -- is just awful, fat-shaming a baby is downright ridiculous. Hel-lo, it's a baby! Who cares if he has fat rolls up the wazoo?

I think people feel that since they're so young, they won't hear these comments, or understand, or care. But they do, at some point much sooner than we might think. For instance, a recent study showed that body image issues start as young as age 8 today.

So what's next, anorexic 8-year-olds? Do you really want to say anything that may contribute to our heading down that road? If not, then you can just can any comments about a baby's weight starting now.


Image via VasilkovS/shutterstock

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