Rise of 'Crowdbirthing' Makes It Cool To Have All Your Friends Come Watch You Give Birth

If rappers can have an entourage, so can expecting mamas. A new survey reveals soon-to-be mommies in their 20s are all for this new crowdbirthing phenomenon that encourages an audience in the delivery room


According to the folks at Channel Mum, a YouTube community for moms, most of the mothers surveyed admit to having as many as eight onlookers during their birthing experience. "The younger generation are used to sharing every aspect of their lives, so why not birth?" asks Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard. "Many women feel it is their biggest achievement and so want to share the moment with all of those closest to them."

Having a bunch of people in the delivery room -- let alone your husband, who actually had a hand in making the baby -- would’ve been extremely faux pas back in the day, but not for today’s mother. Perhaps the rise in social media platforms empowers mommies to document their journeys online. The Pew Research Center notes 76 percent of women actively use social networking sites that could make a before and after delivery selfie very tempting. People ages 18 to 29 are the biggest users, which explains why so many are all about crowdbirthing.

I’m all for doing whatever makes you comfortable -- especially when it comes to having a baby. I unfortunately had somewhat of a crowdbirthing experience recently when I delivered my second child. Here I was thinking only my husband and doctor would be in the room when, surprise, six extra nurses appeared. I was so annoyed to have a live studio audience present and couldn’t understand why. Have they not seen a vagine before, or did they think mine was magical? I felt like such a zoo animal having so many eyes on me and my business.

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Crowdbirthing obviously isn’t for everyone but is nonetheless an option. Just know it comes with its own setbacks, as the survey points out mothers who opted for this experience were less likely to have a C-section or take medical pain relief out of embarrassment. If you feel that much pressure to give birth with so many people around, why have them in the room? Hello.

I guess if it’s cool to overshare about your life online, why not throw in the ins and outs of your birth? Please keep me out of the group text with photos.


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