Boy Asks Postman For Junk Mail To Read Because He Can't Afford Books & Wait Until You Hear the Storybook Ending

booksA mailman who met a boy reading junk mail because his family couldn't afford books decided to help him out by posting a plea on Facebook for book donations ... and since then, the post has gone viral, delivering hundreds of books to the boy's door.


Ron Lynch was delivering mail for the Sandy Post Office in Utah when he stumbled across 12-year-old Mathew Flores and heard how much he loves to read, but couldn't afford books or even a bus pass to the library.

Having grown up reading secondhand books, Lynch decided to post a photo of Flores on Facebook along with a request for donations and the boy's address, hoping a few of his friends might help.

"It's gone from there," Lynch told the press. "I've heard from the U.K., from Australia, from India."

Flores was equally floored by the largesse.

"They said these are books for you, and I thought they were mistaken," he said. "But they were for me." He says he intends to share the books with other kids, too.

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Isn't that sweet? Such a lesson in the kindness of strangers!

As a mom, I also think it's also a lesson in the fact that you don't necessarily need to buy tons of stuff for your kid -- there's used stuff galore out there! I'd bet that had this mom sent out a plea for books on Facebook she probably would have gotten lots of donations too.

That said, I think the fact that this postman decided to help this kid out is what really made this go viral. It's just so rare these days to see strangers help a kid in need.

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