Three-Month-Old Baby Says 'I Love You' (VIDEO)

We used to think that all that goo-goo- and ga-ga-ing from infants meant "I love you" without their actually having to say words, but ever since a 3-month-old baby said "I love you" to his dad and it was caught on video, the mumbling and gurgling just won't cut it anymore.


Just kidding. Every baby sound counts as love, but THIS baby is just extra amazing. Seriously:

Is the cutest part of this the actual "I love you?" Or is the cutest part the dad's face at the end? Don't make us choose!!

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If you're going to try to argue that the baby is just an exceptional mimicker or the parents are exceptional video editors, you can just STOP RIGHT THERE. This is the kind of thing where believing it's real will just make all of us happier in the long run.

Three months is right around the age when babies should graduate from cooing to babbling, and words start forming closer to 6 or 7 months. So he's just behaviorally mature, right? And emotionally mature, if he's ready to start saying "I love you."

Also cute! He's very cute.


Image via Break Clips/YouTube

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