Wedding Guest Drops Baby When Making a Dive for Bride's Bouquet (VIDEO)

Hey miss reception guest, I’m really happy for you, and I’ll let you finish, but that was the worst party foul of all time. A YouTube video has surfaced of a bride tossing her bouquet to a small crowd of single ladies (cue Beyoncé) — and a girl dropped a child to catch the bouquet


While most probably wouldn’t expect anything out of the ordinary — except for that friend or relative who maybe pushed or tripped someone to better her odds — no one would ever think they’d see this.

Most of us know what happens at a wedding reception doesn’t always stay there. There’s always bound to be some drunk relative or embarrassing dance moment that will come up in conversations for time to come. However, this unthinkable accident really should take the cake.

Did she not think to put down the little girl before letting her fall to the ground like a rag doll? Perhaps she should’ve stood next to the guest in the red dress (also holding a child) to see what not to do when trying to catch a bouquet. And how come no one else seemed to notice what happened? Hardly anyone pays attention.

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I guess a good man is so hard to find that you need every bit of luck on your side to wrangle him. Who cares if a cute girl gets dropped in the process?

All jokes aside, at least the gal who dropped her quickly noticed the error of her ways and picked the child off the floor. Hopefully a hug and sweets from the dessert table were enough to console her — and not get mama bear to notice what happened. 

I never had children at my wedding out of fear they wouldn’t know how to behave. As for reception party fouls, I had to settle for grown men stage diving off chairs to catch the wedding garter.


Image via Thai Drama/YouTube


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