Moms Breaks Into Day Care To Rescue Baby Left Alone Inside

day care toddler locked insideIt's every working mom's worst nightmare: You show up late at day care, only the door is locked, and your baby is crying inside ... alone! This is exactly what happened to one Houston mom, who did what she had to do: She broke into the day care to rescue her child.


Sharonda Ross said she arrived at Joann's Day Care and Camp about 45 minutes after closing time because she'd thought her husband had picked up their 10-month-old son Jordan.

Once the couple realized their mistake, they rushed to the day care, where they could hear their child crying inside. They banged on the window but no one answered. So they broke the window to get in, plucked their child out of his crib, and took him home.

And oh yeah, they also filed a report with the local police.

The day care's owner, Joann Davis, told a journalist she was "deeply, terribly sorry," owning up to their mistake, although she won't be firing the employee responsible.

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Now, just to play devil's advocate for one second, I could see how it might happen -- a child is sleeping and quiet, I could see how some employee might forget this last kid's there.

Still, if that happened to my daughter, I'd probably never use that day care again, and probably other parents whose kids go there may be bailing too.

Here's why: When it comes to kids, even "understandable" mistakes can feel unforgivable. Thankfully that kid was in a crib so crying for 45 minutes probably won't have any lasting effects on him, but to the mom, who's outside hearing him crying and can't get in? She'll probably be scarred for life!

Plus, what if that toddler climbed out of his crib? That could have been a whole other ball game. A lot can happen in 45 minutes; that kid could have easily killed himself.

Bottom line is, while everything ended up pretty much okay, that doesn't make mistakes like this forgivable -- particularly to the parents.

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