Mom Saves Her Toddler Son Seconds Before She's Killed In Horrifying Escalator Accident (VIDEO)

escalator accidentEscalators -- we use 'em all the time. But now, to be honest, I'm gonna think twice every time I set foot on one due to viral video footage of a broken escalator in China that swallowed a mom as she pushed her toddler to safety.


The video starts out looking like any old day at the mall. Yet as 30-year-old Xiang Liujuan and her 2-year-old stepped off the escalator, the panel under their feet collapsed.

Liujuan pushed her toddler into the arms of nearby mall staff just seconds before she got sucked down into the machinery. Warning: This video contains graphic content that will make you never want to ride an escalator again, so watch at your own risk.

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Worse yet, maintenance staff knew that the escalator was broken for five minutes before they turned it off. Five minutes might not seem like a long time, but think of how many people can ride a mall escalator in five minutes: A hundred? Two hundred?

As this video makes clear, even just one person riding a broken escalator is too many.

Xiang's family has gone online to decry the mall's handling of this situation ... and the fact that this "killer escalator" is still running. And I don't blame them. If I lived near that mall I wouldn't set foot on that escalator, or any escalator in that building -- partly due to concern for my safety, but mainly because I don't want to patronize a place with such lax safety standards.

But at the very least, Xiang is being remembered as a hero who pushed her son to safety. I'd like to think that if I got sucked into an escalator, all I'd worry about is my kid being okay, too. Because that's just what moms do -- heartbreaking, but true.


Image via Latest Stories™/YouTube

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