Video of Bullies Beating Classmate Unconscious Goes Viral -- Courtesy of Victim's Mom

bully A mom whose daughter was beaten unconscious by her classmates is wreaking revenge in an unusual way: She's posted a video of the beating, exposing these bullies' cruel actions to the world.


The victim, 12-year-old Katie Morris at Ivanhoe College in Leicestershire, England, claims these bullies had been tormenting her for a while, and she finally snapped when they teased her about her shoes, which had been bought at a secondhand shop.

Katie fought back but says she was outnumbered and overpowered by the others, who spat on her and kicked her in the face until she was knocked unconscious.

As it turns out, a bystander had filmed the fight -- and when this footage was shown to school staff, the attackers were suspended for three days.

Yet Katie's mother, Antonia King, felt this punishment wasn't harsh enough ... so she posted the video of the attack online in an an attempt to expose their actions and bring her daughter's attackers to "justice." 

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While I can understand why Antonia posted this incriminating video -- if this happened to my daughter I would want to, too -- I hafta say, I'm not sure this video should be out there. Because think about it: How would you feel if you were a mother of one of those bullies instead?

No doubt, those attackers should be disciplined -- three days' suspension is not enough. But to have their attack blasted online forever might be a bit too harsh.

Here's why: Kids make mistakes. And while they should be disciplined when they do something wrong, I don't think that punishment should last the rest of their lives, via a video online.

Because what if, 10 years from now, those bullies try to apply for a job, and their prospective employer pulls up this video? To me, that's the reason minors' crimes are wiped clean once they become adults -- so they can have a fresh start. But the Internet is forever. 

So as much as I feel for this mom and daughter, I do hope this video comes down, and that these bullies can learn the error of their ways without having this video haunt them permanently.


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