Politician Breastfeeds During Congressional Session Like a Boss (PHOTO)

Women all over the world are making huge efforts to normalize breastfeeding, but one Argentinian politician who breastfed her infant daughter during a parliamentary session is getting all the props this week.


Victoria Donda Perez was in the middle of a meeting of the Argentine National Congress earlier this month when her 8-month-old got hungry. Rather than excusing herself or making a big deal of the situation, Perez fed her daughter right there in the middle of the session and kept on working.

A photo of her feeding her baby was posted online, where it was met with viral praise.

People are hailing Perez a hero not only for breastfeeding, but also for providing an honest glimpse of what real motherhood looks like. So often when we see pictures of breastfeeding women, they are highly stylized and portray the act of feeding as something beautiful and mystical.

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In reality, breastfeeding is one of a million tasks moms take on. Women have to do it while working, while cooking, while caring for other kids, and throughout most of the night. It's a wonderful act, but it is far from glamorous and it's a lot to keep your feeding relationship alive while also holding down a full-time job.

Breastfeeding in public like Perez did is also an especially hot topic, as it seems like every other week there's another story in the news about a woman being shamed, asked to cover up, or sometimes even kicked out of public spaces for feeding her child.

The concept of "brelfies" -- selfies taken while breastfeeding -- has taken off on social media as a method of removing the stigma and generating meaningful discussion. Celebrities like Olivia Wilde have taken breastfeeding photos for magazines, and others, like Jaime King, have even shared breastfeeding snaps on their personal Instagram profiles.

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That people are praising Perez is a sign that we're making progress in defending a woman's right to breastfeed, but like any busy mom, I look forward to the day when a woman feeding her child is no big to deal to anyone at all.

Image via Elena Stepanova / shutterstock; RoxanaSFrancile/Twitter

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