Ad With Bikini-Clad Mom Running Behind Stroller Is Meant to Be Serious -- LOL We Die!

woman running shoesA Bugaboo ad of a mom jogging in a bikini while pushing a stroller has hundreds of moms laughing -- which is probably not the result Bugaboo was looking for, but hey, that's what you get for being so out of touch!


The ad shows model Ymre Stiekema running with her 2-year-old nestled in the stroller. The caption claims Ymre's a true "Bugaboo Runner" and while I'm willing to believe that's true, there's no way I'm buying that she jogs in a bikini ... except to pose for ridiculous ads like this.

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Moms were quick to comment how unrealistic this was with comments like, "I often jog in my bikini," followed up by "I do too!! But I also need a half roll of duct tape for jiggle maintenance ;)." Another chimes in, "TOTALLY RELATABLE, GUYS."

And I've gotta agree, I'm not impressed! Makes me want to steer clear of this stroller -- which shouldn't be hard, since at $800, it's priced unrealistically out of reach for regular moms too.


Image via luckyraccoon/shutterstock

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