'Washing Machine' Mom Now Caught Throwing Baby With Down Syndrome Around Bouncy House (VIDEO)

bouncy houseRemember that mom who recently got in hot water for posting a photo of a kid with Down syndrome inside a washing machine? Well, she's at it again, only this time she was caught throwing the same Down child around in a bouncy house


A concerned mom used her camera phone to film Courtney Stewart, 21, of Erskine, England, tossing the 2-year-old boy she was caring for from shoulder height. Check it out below:

So I could forgive Stewart for that washing machine fiasco. Fine, so the kid crawled in of his own accord, let's snap a funny pic! But followed immediately by this bouncy house snafu, this paints an ominous picture of her as a caretaker for this kid and as a parent (she's mom to a 7-month-old daughter).

Plus, there's the issue that everyone thinks bouncy houses are safe, but they're not: Every day, an average of 31 kid are rushed to the hospital due to bouncy house–related injuries.

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Plus, this kid is too tiny to be in there -- and does NOT look like he's having fun. In fact, he seems to be trying hard to crawl from Stewart ... before she grabs his ankle.

When is CPS going to investigate this chick? I think we can all agree she needs some parenting lessons.


Image © Frederic Cirou/PhotoAlto/Corbis

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