New Life-Saving Car Seat Is a Must for All Forgetful Parents

evenflo carseatA new car seat is anticipated to save baby's lives, but not in the way you might think -- i.e., protecting baby in case of a crash. Nope, this car seat from Evenflo helps if you forget your baby's in the back seat ... and leave your tot in a swelteringly hot car.


It's called the Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat ($150 at Walmart), and its nifty new feature is its SensorSafe technology. Basically, a sensor on the harness clip can tell when the car's ignition is turned off. If the harness isn't unbuckled, the clip projects a jingling sound that reminds parents, "Hey, there's a baby back here!" 

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Kinda reminds me of how most "smart cars" these days will beep like crazy if you don't buckle your seat belt ... only this one's in reverse, where you'll hear an alarm if your baby isn't unbuckled.

But hey, I'm all for anything that helps parents not forget their babies. While it still boggles my mind that someone would forget something this important, it clearly happens, and can have tragic consequences -- particularly in the summertime, when cars get so hot it can result in heat stroke for anyone trapped inside. So I'd say the smarter our car seats, the better!

Check out how this cool technology works below:


Image via Evenflo Baby/YouTube

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